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Regarding ‘Spain tops EU fishing ‘overcapacity’ ranking‘:

I am sure you are all too familiar and have continuously read about the ocean’s dwindling fish stocks time and time again.

Even Joe Borg, the EU fisheries commissioner, has admitted to getting the European’s fishing strategy all wrong. He stated that 88% of EU stocks were overfished with fishing fleets either running losses or returning low profits, the result being that the industry is on the brink of suicide and several species, including cod, bluefin tuna and anchovy are in danger of extinction after 25 years of EU policy failure.

If current practices continue, worldwide fishery collapse is predicted by 2048. The facts are often repeated but what is really being done about this situation by the authorities? We can solve this problem, but do you think we can get one piece of support from any such government-funded body? In simple terms the answer is ‘no’.

Imagine if you will, a sustainable supply of fresh cod around the world and being able to afford to eat it, whatever your income. Well, it has happened! Diobas has found a completely new way to rear cod in freshwater as a valuable comparatively cheap resource at any location in the world in a controlled environment, even on the most unproductive terrain, at any distance from the sea, without quotas.

Diobas has managed to push the boundaries beyond established research with a completely new solution to the rapid depletion of our ocean fish stocks. This innovation will revolutionise the way we harvest cod in the future. In the very near future, all fish will be produced this way right alongside processing plants situated where they are needed in major cities worldwide and is one of the most important steps forward we have all had the opportunity to take for many years in terms of green issues.

After receiving no support and no third-party or government funding, it has been a challenge all round. These challenges include:

a) No response to any correspondences sent to our local MP; MPs; the prime minister; the secretary of state for environment, food & rural affairs, or any DEFRA ministers;
b) No support from the government-funded body called ‘Seafish’.

At the present time, it looks like opportunities to keep the Cod Research Project and facilities in the UK are dwindling and we may reluctantly have to move overseas. It will be devastating if we cannot keep this technology in the UK as it has all the right ingredients, and inexhaustible demand for the product, it is low-risk with excellent returns and very definite environmental benefits.

This is the beginning of a whole new technology and one day all fish for the table may well be reared with this system.

Should you be interested in finding our more information, please contact me on or see

Kind regards,

Gerry Stopps
Commercial Director
Office: +44 (0) 1409 253123
Mobile: +44 (0) 7831 494709

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