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Regarding ‘EU leaders warned about emerging ‘major’ gas crisis‘:

As the threat of another potential gas crisis looms, AEGPL, the European LPG Association, would like to highlight the availability and suitability of LPG as a back-up alternative, particularly in industrial installations.

Not all back-up fuels are created equal. LPG, as a clean-burning gaseous fuel with highly flexible supply routes, is a particularly suitable substitute for natural gas in the event of a supply crisis.

Thanks to the physical similarities between natural gas and LPG, a switch-over can be easily and rapidly undertaken. Indeed, certain industrial end-users, both in Europe and abroad, have already opted to establish an on-site reserve of LPG with a view to avoiding the sort of undue disruptions experienced earlier this year.

The EU and its constituent member states could encourage this pro-active approach by providing support in the form of market-based instruments.

Enhanced preparations to confront a gas supply crisis will benefit the EU, its citizens and society at large. LPG can and should be a part of this process.

Paul Voss


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