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Regarding ‘Strauss: Europe ‘wasting billions’ by duplicating research‘:

The EU only funds only a small proportion of research in Europe. It would be bad for fundamental research in Europe if it were possible to carry out a single type of research in a single laboratory, instead of using several independent groups, because the most important findings are often independent and can occur simultaneously.

All research must be repeated by independent groups. Letting the European Commission tell us which group will make the discovery will hamper overall research.

Prof. K. Kristoffer Andersson

University of Oslo

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  1. Sir,

    I cannot agree more with Prof. Andersson. It seems that in the EU we believe in “comitee” science, which in many fields (mine is condensed matter physcs) is mostly useless. If we want to achieve the US level and surpass it, or just do science at the international level, this is just the wrong approach.

    Juan de la Figuera
    Instituto de Quimica-Fisica Rocasolano and
    Spanish Association for the advancement of Science and Technology

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