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Regarding ‘MEP goes on defensive over light bulb ban‘:

CFL-type energy-saving lamps are hated by the 1-3% of the population who suffer from exposure to electromagnetic fields, like those emitted by CFLs. They cause electrically hypersensitive people to become ill.

We investigated which EMFs cause these effects, and found that the CFLs consume electricity in a very odd way, doing so pulse-wise by emitting pulsed EMFs. They leave the AC sinus waves in the electrical wiring system unbalanced throughout the house.

Spike frequencies in the tens of kHz range are notoriously threatening to health. Health problems are eliminated by returning to classic incandescent lamps.

Energy-saving is an important consideration, but staying healthy is essential for those unfortunate enough to suffer from electro-stress. Sufferers have enough trouble getting by in the modern world with its ever-increasing electromagnetic fields.

Dr. Hugo Schooneveld

Dutch EHS Foundation

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  1. Dr Schooneveld, having also researched health impacts of artificial light sources, I think it only balanced to point out that there is also a minority of people that suffer negative health impacts from incandescent light bulbs. In fact, LED bulbs (which are far more efficient than even CFLs) record the lowest negative health impacts.
    Thankfully, the EU’s phase out of the most inefficient incandescent bulbs allows consumers to choose between CFLs, LEDs and the most efficient halogen bulbs (which emit the same light quality as incandescent bulbs). So, in phasing out the most inefficient bulbs, the EU is saving consumers billions of euro, as well as reducing energy consumption and thus helping to address energy security and climate change concerns. However, at the same time, it is ensuring that those who suffer negative symptoms from the different sources of artificial light have alternatives they can choose. This is intelligent law making that treats all health concerns with the seriousness they deserve and it should be acknowledged as such.

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