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Regarding ‘SMEs laud Commission’s e-invoicing initiative‘:

As the head of a small business in Europe, I welcome the Commission’s proposal to allow tax to be invoiced electronically. This is clearly a positive, yet very small step forward. So small that I would call it a baby step.

If the EU really wants to make a difference to the lives of thousands of small business innovators across the continent, it should focus on high-impact measures.

Like an EU certification scheme, including the minimum requirements for companies when doing cross-border business, together with a tax clearance certificate. Or even better, pushing through the long-awaited Community Patent. SMEs are desperate for the simplicity, cost savings and legal certainty a Community-wide patent system can deliver.

As the main drivers of growth and job creation in the EU, innovative entrepreneurs need an effective protection of their intellectual property across borders. I urge the Commission and member states to work together to come to an agreement on the Community Patent. That would indeed be a “huge step forward”. So huge, that I would call it a “giant leap” for SMEs.

Damir Tomicic,

Axinom Deutschland

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