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Regarding Dr. Orlin Vushkov’s letter ‘Young people: Do not go back to Bulgaria‘, originally posted in response to the article ‘Eastern Europe struggles to bring back its workers‘:

I totally disagree with the view that young Bulgarians should run away from their own country. The arguments given are quite general and mainly based on the author’s own unsuccessful return to Bulgaria, which does not mean all Bulgarians with foreign diplomas will be as miserable as he was in our homeland.

In fact, Bulgaria is suffering precisely due to those who run away because it’s easier; thus, the majority of people who stay in Bulgaria are mainly unqualified. The author doesn’t want to bother even trying to change things or to make a difference.

Instead, he wants to go back to his comfort zone and watch the country go down from a safe distance.

Judging from my own experience, I have plenty of friends, with Bulgarian diplomas, who are pretty successful in Bulgaria. Leaving Bulgaria has never even crossed their minds. They are smart, they love their country and they work their way to the top: without connections.

Everybody judges from his/her own perspective of what happiness is, and I’m sure there are many Bulgarians all over the world who feel that home is nowhere else but Bulgaria and are waiting for the right moment to come back.

I am one of them. Once I’m done with my education, I’m going straight back and my friends will do the same!

Boyana Peeva

Bulgarian student

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  1. Of course there are many relatives of the communist nomenclatura who are very successful in Bulgaria and only there. Let them stay there, the rest would be better off somewhere else!

  2. In case Ms. Peeva is so urging that young people should come back why at first place she herself left the country?!? Because she knows that there is no future in Bulgaria for young people! And the statement that one can succeed in Bulgaria without connections is childishly naive – once she is done with her “Western” education and come back, she will face the reality!

  3. I fully agree with Boyana Peeva. There are so many Bulgarian students abroad who are willing to go back home as soon as they finish with their education. I am one of those and I know plenty of other Bulgarians who will do the same.

    In fact, today so many companies are interested in investing in Bulgaria. The salaries are not so high as the salary in the same company abroad but young graduates have more opportunities to get a promotion.

    Bulgarians are not only struggling in Bulgaria but also in every single Western country. In some cases, and I talk from my own experience, today in that crisis it is better to work and live in Bulgaria than abroad.

    As far as the communist “children” are concerned, those young people don’t have the same way of thinking as their “parents”.

    In any case, I think that my country offers so many opportunities for young people and I will for sure go back.

  4. I totally agree with the previously posted comment. I also belong to the group of people who spent their university years abroad. I did come back to my homeland with a still existing hope that the changes after the period of transition will serve the interest of the ordinary people. By ‘ordinary people’ I understand all those Bulgarian citizens whose families ‘suffered’ from real patriotism, therefore punished by the communist rule for not supporting this destructive ideology. Unfortunately, the real changes in our country will not happen till the majority of people with wrong reminiscences support wrong political actors and are satisfied with the current reality. An individual satisfaction with the present-day Bulgarian reality could be encountered only among the false ‘patriots’ who tend to forget about the real virtues of democracy.

  5. Wake up Boyana!!!

    I just came back from this God-forsaken country and nothing, I mean nothing has changed in the last 10 years. I studied abroad too. Forced to leave the country because of 0 opportunities at a very young age.

    The corruption is everywhere. You cannot land a qualified job without connections and bribery.

    Wake up!!!!!

  6. “… and are waiting for the right moment to come back.”
    I am afraid that moment is not going to come very soon, at least for me!

    I also do have some friends who “made it to the top” staying in Bulgaria. Unfortunatelly, even if good friends of mine, I must admit their parents were and still are part of the communist nomenclature. The few oportunities that exist for young people to work in the Bulgarian administration are even not announced publicly … Places are distributed internaly among a favoured network of people.

    As long as things function in that way I am going back to Bulgaria only to have holidays. Germany, Belgium and Spain are a better place for me to work and develop may career.

    Boyana, thank you for your patriotism and good luck!

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