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Sir, Zum Artikel ‘Europaabgeordnete stimmen für Begrenzung Industriebedingter Verschmutzung‘: Ich bin sehr erfreut über die aktuelle Entwicklung und das persönliche Engagement von Herrn MdEP Krahmer (ALDE, Deutschland), Herrn MdEP Wijkman (EVP-ED, Schweden) und Herrn MdEP Turmes (Grüne, Luxemburg). Leider sind die Beschlüsse und das Papier auf dem diese stehen, die eine Seite. Die andere und… » read more

Posted by Andreas

Tempest in a teapot

Sir, Regarding ‘Google’s carbon footprint exposed‘: It was literally a tempest in a teapot. When a critic recently suggested that two searches on Google consumed as much energy as boiling a kettle for a cup of tea, even many of us within the company were startled. Could this really be the case? Rather than consulting… » read more

Posted by Andreas

Smart Grids? Smart Baloney!

Sir, Regarding ‘Smarter grids crucial for delivery of EU climate goals‘: I’m an ex-power engineer (having designed and operated power networks) working in the area of renewables. I disagree on a fundamental level with the comments by GE’s Keith Redfearn concerning ‘Smart Grids’ and that renewables targets are too demanding for the existing transmission network.… » read more

Posted by Andreas

Setting the record straight

Sir, Regarding ‘UK Conservatives in the EPP-ED: Will they stay or go?‘: A couple of points: Your statement that I have “left the EPP to sit as an independent” is open to misinterpretation. I left the EPP’s group, but I continue as a full member of the Conservative delegation, and indeed have been re-selected to… » read more

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