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Reflecting on peak oil


I have written a rejoinder to Rühl’s interview on peak oil. Please click here to read it.

I have put in BP’s figures from the 2008 Statistical Review in a plot, which shows that there might well have been a global peak in 2006.

John Busby

Energy analyst

Sanders Research Associates

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  1. Speaking of peak oil, China is about to experience peak coal, with 120 gtons of reserves and 3 gtons of use per year I wonder if China isn’t trying to get into the US and India (est. 250 gton reserves and 100 gtons) to massively increase coal production to import the 1-2 gigatons it will need by 2025. India’s domestic coal use is also expected to increase markedly by 2020.

    On the peak oil issue, it seems the peak is right about now, it’s clear demand for oil has permanently outstripped supply, China could easily use 10 million/barrels year more in 5 years. India, Iran, Brazil, US, Canada, China all have growing populations.

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