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Why is it that for so many, including members of South African Development Community (SADC), the penny still has not dropped in respect of President Robert Mugabe?

In ‘Adolf Hitler: the Final Analysis’ (Spellmount, 2005), I produced compelling evidence that the Führer was suffering from chronic schizophrenia, and that this accounted for his bizarre behaviour. Equally, in my book ‘Robert Mugabe: Teacher, Revolutionary, Tyrant’ (History Press, 2008), I argue that Mugabe (a huge devotee of the Führer, who now presides over what is, in effect, a large concentration camp in the centre of Africa) is also suffering from a chronic and intractable mental condition – namely psychopathic personality disorder. This renders him, amongst other things, completely impervious to any point of view other than his own.

For this reason, any attempt to negotiate with him is predestined to fail, as many have discovered to their cost, ever since he came to power. This, sadly, will continue to be the case.


Andrew Norman

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