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The EU needs more citizens!


The EFN welcomes the intention to move on with the enlargement process. Just coming back from Croatia, where I met nurse leaders from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and FYR of Macedonia, it becomes clear to me that nurses want to belong to the EU family. They have enormous challenges in front of them when it comes to health and education. After long discussions about the implemention of the acquis, nurse leaders and policymakers are committed to getting it right. We can not stop this enthusiasm. They need us, but we need them!
The same holds for Georgia. Coming back from the WHO RC in Tbilisi, it becomes clear to me that policies are far away from what is happening in reality, in the field. My nursing collegeas are working in such difficult circumstances but the energy and motivation they have to make life better for citizens is enormous.
So, to conclude, although the EU is mostly discussed in a context of a single market, we can not forget that the EU is about peace, bringing people together and give them hope and prosperity. Health is Wealth!

Paul de Raeve

General Secretary

European Federation of Nurses Associations

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