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I totally agree with Sonia Biserko’s analysis of Serbian civil society and her recommendations for its reform.

The nationalist segment of Serbian society today is the most reactionary in the Balkan region. Unless Serbian society splits with the nationalists or right-wing extremists, it will never be in sync with the modern, progressive, forward-looking democratic societies in the Balkans and beyond.

Peter Prifti


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  1. Sonia Biserko is an american agent. She receives money from USIP, the sorosian NGO of general Solomon. She represents nothing in Serbia.

  2. Sonia B. is maybe a good housewife who talks for work, so her opinion is relevant as mine. Serbia is the ONLY country in the former communist yug which truly changed old political establishment. Prosecutor of international tribunal said today that Serbian Government is cooperative with them so Dutch Government is acting brutal and savage to words Serbian citizens, even you can say some sort of revenge for who knows what they did together with general Mladic in Bosnia.

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