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Regarding Christina Kaspar’s letter (‘Young people really shouldn’t come back to Bulgaria!‘).

The author ends with the sentence “Who believes in statistics, anyway?”. I am glad this young woman is not going back to Bulgaria. It seems to me that anyone who does not understand the importance of numbers in the sciences (social and natural) should stay out of the business of writing public letters.

Of course Bulgaria has problems. Who doesn’t? In fact, statistically, Bulgaria is not much different (sometimes even better) in terms of corruption or crime levels from some other EU countries. Besides, the EU is more about quality of life rather than sheer American-style consumption.

The young Bulgarians that I know would never leave their country because they have been in places like the UK. They choose to be poorer but happier in their own country. The emphasis on human relationships and the carefree lifestyle is what attracts foreigners to Bulgaria too. It is not just cheap (yet excellent) food or affordable housing.

Vladimir Garkov


European Commission

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  1. Recent research and statistics show (for both Romania and Bulgaria) that qualified individuals return back to their countries than ever before in the past. However, the trend among EU and IT specialists is still not reversed.
    The same goes for unqualified individuals from rural and small town areas.
    It is also interesting to follow the inland mobility of families and workers, ie. toward large cities like Sofia, Varna and Bucharest.

    I believe that there is a long way to go before ‘young Bulgarians’ prefer to stay home (but poor) – but there is a change in the last couple of years. And this should be taken into account.
    (As for comparing the situation in 1996 with that today – this is absolutely out of question (even if I am not a big fan of the current BG government!) 🙂

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