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Regarding ‘EU future in doubt as early signs point to an Irish ‘no”

As we await the result of the only referendum in the EU on its future and watch as it looks as if the ‘no’ campaign is going to carry the day, I would like to put a few points accross to your readers from a ‘No’ voter.

1. Most of us who voted ‘no’ are ardent supporters of the old EEC/EC and the EU. We believe in closer relations with all European countries and admire developments across Europe in the areas of trade and social issues.

2. We are a democratic republic with a strong constitution in place which protects both the weak and the strong in our society to the benefit of all. How could you sell a Treaty purporting to give more democratic represntation to the EU citizens and yet refuse to let them have a voice? It is a disgrace that no other country got to vote and on this point alone we should call a halt to this document.

3. Why is it acceptable in a democratic EU to blatantly ignore the ‘no’ vote of the French and the Dutch? In short it is not! Out of respect for my French and Dutch fellow citizens I voted ‘no’. Shame on the EU for rubbing their faces in the dirt. Either we bring the people along or they should slow down and consolidate the good things that have been established and ensure the people are happy with the EU.

4. Running forward blindly is not progress.

5. We had the right to vote. We cherish that right. It is a good thing. A self-amending treaty is an unknown comodity and potentially dangerous and anti-democratic.

6. We spent a long time reading up on the treaty and making sense of the ridiculous way it is presented. The ‘no’ vote was actually a conscious educated rejection of what was determined to be a flawed document.

I for one would love to know what the rest of my European friends think of the treaty and its contents. Perhaps you will all get a vote next time around. I truly hope so.

The people of Europe must have a voice. We are not anti-change, not anti-progress and not out to spoil the party. Here’s hoping a ‘no’ vote will ensure a more democratic and accountable EU.

PS. It would be nice if the EU accounts could be signed off by the auditors one year soon!

Aidan Gibson


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