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Concernant ‘La Commission hésite à autoriser plus de cultures GM’:

Pour quelles raisons l’Europe semble-t-elle faire le jeu de l’OMC dans le dossier des OGM? Pourquoi veut-elle imposer des législations favorables aux cultures OGM alors que la balance bénéfices/risques n’est même pas clairement établie et qu’il semble impossible de maîtriser les croisements avec les espèces sauvages et les disséminations dès l’introduction de la culture OGM?

L’exemple étranger (Amérique du sud et Inde) ne semble également pas en faveur des OGM: les rendements ne correspondent pas aux promesses du vendeur et les paysans sont poussés à la ruine en raison de l’augmentation des coûts des semences. Comment peut-on croire que des semences stériles dont une entreprise obtient le monopole pourront résoudre la faim dans le monde? Où y voit-on la liberté d’entreprendre chère à l’OMC?

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  1. I absolutely agree on the said in this post.
    The American lobby seems to be very strong in Europe watching the struggle to make GMO a common goodies. Interestingly enough, the European citizens strongly oppose the invasion of GMO foods and crops in Europe-with the possible exception of Poland that would do anything the USA requires from it.
    But all the efforts to provide better monitoring and control over the labelled foods is doomed. Why?
    Why the European industry and institution doesn’t want people to know what they eat! Isn’t our right to choose what to eat based on its ingredients? Of course, it is. But funnily enough, there isn’t a strict control over the monitoring labelled ingredients vs. actual ingredients. And it’s not only about GMo parts-it’s about the over-all chemical, nutritional and biological value of our food.
    One would expect from EU institutions to be interested in providing more choice to their citizens and to provide them with better food, so that we don’t experience the obesity epidemic from the other side of ocean.

    I ask why do you want to make Europe the same as USA. Aren’t we smart enough to see their mistakes and not repeat them? Or the money from such companies are just too much to be lost. Maybe they should pay all of us, not just the middle guys that fight so eagerly to provide unsafe and uncontrolled food on European table.

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