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Regarding ‘Interview: Russia not to blame for Caucasus war threat’:

Ambassador Chizov obviously lives on a different plane from those of us who choose to base our judgements on facts and not propaganda.

When the NATO secretary general offers to eat his tie in reaction to outrageous Russian claims (“NATO chief offers to eat necktie over Russian plane claim,” IHT 30 April), when independent media travel up and down the Kodori Gorge and see no sign of a Georgian military presence (“No sign of attack plan in Georgia-Russia flashpoint,” Reuters 2 May) and when the EU, NATO and the US unite to condemn Russian moves towards Georgia as dangerous and destabilising, maintaining that Georgia is somehow to blame for the rise of tensions in the region shows nothing but the utter contempt in which Ambassador Chizov holds European policymakers.

The Russian government under Putin has shown an uncanny ability to shoot itself in the foot with its foreign policy. This depressing interview reminds us of how very far Russia has fallen since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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