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Regarding ‘EU Kosovo mission up in the air’:

I would like to bring to your attention an item that may be of interest you in light of your recent article. As far as I know there has been no reporting on this in a European context, even though it raises serious questions about the ‘EULEX’ mission in Kosovo and its director, Pieter Feith.

As you know, Ban Ki-moon has said that the UN will continue its role in Kosovo under Resolution 1244 until a new Resolution says otherwise. Of course, there will not be a new Resolution, since the Russians and Chinese will block anything that suggests the UN is handing over to EULEX and the Albanians.

Meanwhile, there have been a number of media references to a June 15 date for the UN to transfer functions to the EU and Albanians, because that’s the date that the new ‘Kosovo constitution’ comes into effect.

Who’s been touting this date? It turns out: Pieter Feith, the EU’s representative there and the head of the EULEX mission (which Serbia rejects as an illegal presence on its territory).

One should especially note the following comments made in an interviewexternal : “This [Kosovo] is an independent, sovereign state, recognised by more than 30 of the most important democracies and economies in the world. We do not see it as a helpful proposition that the sovereignty of Kosovo would be impaired in a way as we see now.”

Yes, the EU, as an organisation, did authorise the sending of EULEX. HOWEVER, as far as I know, the EU itself does NOT have a unified position that Kosovo is an “independent, sovereign state” as per Mr. Feith’s statement – though the majority of individual EU countries do (and others don’t).

The question is, who authorised him to talk as if this is the EU’s position? He represents the EU there, not the Netherlands. Even if this is his private opinion, or his own government’s, it seems to me he’s way over the line with respect to the EU, much less telling the UN when its mandate is over.

Jim Jatras


American Council for Kosovoexternal


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