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Regarding ‘ICT sector to monitor its own C02 emissions’:

ICT needs to be considered as a conglomerate of technologies, which have not all taken the required measures to speed up energy efficiency. It is very important to consider those which already introduced initiatives 10 years ago versus Datacenters, for example, which are struggling with high energy consumption (mostly due to cooling).

I would like to invite you to read an articleexternal I contributed, which will tell you little bit more about what we have done at Ericsson (PDF version herePdf external ).

Patrick Le Fevre


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  1. The only thing that matters is that less energy is consumed. Europe needs to overcome strategic dependencies, dependencies on oil but also on the American ICT industry, overcome lock-in in technologies that consume too much energy. The best solution for this is to keep the market players in the lobby and provide a framework for real regulation.

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