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Regarding ‘Green NGO demands nanotech legislation’:

Just a quick note regarding Aquanova’s statement that “there is no nanotech in what we are doing”: the company’s statements regarding their products are very contradictory.

To give an example: on their website, Aquanova states : “Completely in tune with the start of the era of nanotechnology, the product micelle of lipophilic or water-insoluble substances is providing crystal clear solutions (‘solubilisates’) not just from a visual standpoint. The product micelle is stable with respect to pH and temperature and has a diameter of approximately 30 nm.”

Thus it may well be worthwhile to ask Aquanova why they are telling you that they are not doing nanotech while at the same time advertising themselves as being “completely in tune” with nanotech on their website.


Jurek Vengels

Projekt Chemikalienpolitik und Nanotechnologie / Chemicals Policy and Nanotechnology Project

Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland ( BUND )

Friends of the Earth Germany



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