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Regarding ‘Interview: ‘Democracy of science needed”: may be a prototype for the “democracy of science”.

I’d like to make your readers aware of an innovative website launched in December 2007 on non-animal methods of toxicity testing, This website seems to be the type of open communication forum encouraged by Professor Serres. is a new interactive website that offers various ways to participate and accelerate progress on alternative approaches to toxicity testing. While it is primarily aimed at engaging science and policy experts in forum discussions, the site is open to participation by all interested parties. Additionally, abundant background information is provided on the current state of toxicity testing, new technologies, government programs, and more to facilitate knowledge and participation.

World-renowned experts moderate the forums, and invited commentaries are accepted in key topic areas.

I’ll provide a little background for those not familiar with this topic.

Toxicity (safety) testing is conducted on many types of products (including chemicals, food additives, consumer products, and drugs) before they are released into the marketplace to assess potential adverse human health effects. Most of the traditional safety tests required by regulatory authorities involve testing on animals. The animal tests have been around for decades and provide only an estimate of potential human health effects.

Current interests and initiatives by major stakeholders (government agencies, industry, and animal protection) are in the development of more predictive human cell-based assays and computational models to replace the animal tests.

Sherry L. Ward, PhD, MBA

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  1. I do accept this view. As we can see from climate change and ecological imbalance I am of the opinion that we have destroyed many animals and insects which were enjoyed by our ancestors. I do believe that simulation studies and modeling can do better services at a greater pace than animal testing and it will also be more reliable.
    Why should we kill the animals and insects(harmless) for our selfish motives!

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