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‘Innovation chain’ of EU innovation policy is inherently broken

In reaction to the EurActiv article:

Regional 'stars' rewarded for innovative projects

Sir, Regarding ‘Regional ‘stars’ rewarded for innovative projects‘: The EU’s integrated ‘innovation chain’ has never been complete and therefore will never work. For if we have a broken link in any connected chain or necklace, it will always inextricably fall to the ground. The only way to fix that link is to connect the two [...]

Battery makers support electric vehicle push

Posted by EUROBAT on 25/05/10
In reaction to the EurActiv article:

Brussels pushes for electric cars

Sir, Regarding ‘Brussels pushes for electric cars‘: Eurobat, the association of European storage battery manufacturers, supports the main themes of the Commission’s communication of 28 April 2010 on clean and efficient vehicles. Our members represent all major manufacturers and are up to the challenge to serve this fast growing market. They will continue to contribute [...]

Reflecting on the Andalusian Stone Technology Centre

Posted by Lucia on 20/05/10
In reaction to the EurActiv article:

Stone centre teaches old hands new tricks in Spain

Sir, Regarding ‘Stone centre teaches old hands new tricks in Spain‘: I was really happy to read about the Andulusian stones of Spain and the technology centre. I think it would be good if representatives of the centre were to come to my country, hire a hall and speak about their work. They may get [...]

Electric cars debate too narrow

Posted by Bernt Lindberg, BioMobil on 12/05/10
In reaction to the EurActiv article:

Electric cars push needs 'careful thinking'

Sir, Regarding ‘Electric cars push needs’careful thinking’‘ The discussion about electric cars is very narrow. Many people around the world question the Western lifestyle, with its huge mobility and huge consumption of energy, including fuel for the transport sector. Any action should start with questioning transport ‘needs’ and look at how we can maintain essential [...]

European Patent Office should be involved in Commission’s innovation group

In reaction to the EurActiv article:

EU to convene subgroup of 'innovation commissioners'

Sir, Regarding ‘EU to convene ‘sub-group’ of innovation commissioners‘: Convening a subgroup of innovation commissioners is an interesting idea. But I think important organisations like the European Patent Office (which has been successfully dealing with intellectual property for over 30 years now) should be invited around the table. Patrick Bodart Principal Director European Patent Office

Europe’s strategy towards China: Balancing defensive and offensive initiatives

Posted by Alessandro Barberis, EUROCHAMBRES on 27/04/10
In reaction to the EurActiv article:

Lawmakers rethinking EU stance on China

Sir, Regarding ‘Lawmakers rethinking EU stance on China‘: On 29 April, [European Commission] President [José Manuel] Barroso will travel to China with an impressive delegation of commissioners and high-level delegates. Apart from celebrating the opening of the World Expo, this visit is a good opportunity to present European concerns and ambitions towards the second-largest economy [...]

EU has much to learn about innovation and where it resides if it wants to be No. 1

In reaction to the EurActiv article:

Creative cities at centre of EU 2020 goals, says Barroso

Sir, Regarding ‘Creative cities at centre of EU 2020 goals, says Barroso‘: The EU will never excel in the innovation stakes when compared to its eastern counterparts. The reason for this is that they take innovation far more seriously than the EU. For the only real way that the EU can ever excel over the [...]

Crisis is over, but problems loom ahead

In reaction to the EurActiv article:

Sir, Most countries in Central, East and Southeast Europe emerged from the trough of the crisis at the end of 2009. Several leading indicators point to a modest upswing. All countries in the region will only begin to grow again by 2011. Growth may accelerate slightly in 2012, but will in general be slower than [...]

A youth dimension in the EU 2020

Posted by Tine Radinja, European Youth Forum on 11/02/10
In reaction to the EurActiv article:

Open letter to Commissioner Andor on a youth dimension in the EU 2020 strategy I would like to draw your attention to youth unemployment problem across Europe. Close to six million young Europeans are not able to find a job and thus earn a living. This depicts a dangerous trend and all efforts should be [...]

Investment of structural funds must include impact assessment and evaluation

Sir, Regarding ‘EU innovation ‘manifesto’ turns spotlight on funding and skills‘: The idea of expanding the ‘scale and ambition’ of the European Union’s structural funds towards strengthening investment in research and knowledge is in itself excellent and necessary. However, one must be careful to make sure that the structural funds are invested directly in science [...]

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