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Regarding ‘Small firms slam ‘deceptive’ EU accounting plans‘:

I am British and wanted to come and start a business in Belgium as my daughter is at university there studying law. But when I looked into it all, it is so expensive to set up as heavy capital is required. Lawyers and accountants fees are also very high. So in real teams, any profit you make will only just about cover all the costs, and this is certainly something that puts investors off setting up small businesses in Belgium as they are almost treated in the same way as large companies that employ many people.

Setting up a limited company in the UK costs less than 200 pounds and can be done in less than a week with no lawyers. Small accountants can handle the yearly accounts.

In addition the pension and social security payments are extremely high in Belgium.

So to be able to trade out of a recession like this one, why is it not possible for the EU to insist that countries like Belgium change their system to allow new investors to set up small businesses?

David Cramp

Private citizen

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