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Regarding ‘‘Social Europe’ still missing in EU 2020 draft, say activists‘:

After reviewing the first assessment from the European Commission, ILGA-Europe wrote the following letter to Commission President Barroso, and Commissioners Reding, Malmström, Füle, Andor, and Vassiliou:

“We understand from European Commission consultation documents on the EU 2020 strategy that there are currently no references to or objectives related to fundamental rights and non-discrimination. In our contribution to the consultation on the future ‘EU 2020’ strategy, we clearly expressed our disappointment at “the failure to meet the equality and social dimensions that were laid out in the Renewed Social Agenda of 2008” and called for equality to be a key driver of the EU 2020 strategy.

This contribution was not reflected at all in the European Commission’s first assessment of the public consultation on the EU 2020 strategy, which states that “stakeholders with a social vocation broadly support the Commission’s proposed priorities”.

ILGA-Europe firmly believes that the Europe of 2020 cannot afford to be a society where discrimination and inequalities continue to be barriers to labour-market participation and to business performance. We also strongly believe that the EU cannot afford to overlook discrimination and inequality, which severely hinder social cohesion and curtail effective access to fundamental rights.

An EU strategy without a non-discrimination and fundamental rights pillar risks reinforcing the vulnerability and exclusion of a wide portion of the European population as well as existing inequalities in the EU, instead of fostering inclusive growth and social cohesion.

Furthermore, ILGA-Europe questions the lack of reference to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and to the implementation of equality and non-discrimination mainstreaming on Article 19 grounds in the EU 2020 strategy. Article 10 of the Treaty of Lisbon clearly states that, in defining and implementing its policies and activities, the “the Union shall aim to combat discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation”.

ILGA-Europe considers that the failure of the European Commission to meet the requirements of equality mainstreaming in the 2020 strategy will seriously weaken this important provision of the new treaty from the outset.

As the member of the European Commission responsible for fundamental rights and equal opportunities, we urge you to ensure that the Commission takes on clear commitments to fully implement the EU’s obligations with respect to fundamental rights, non-discrimination and equality in the Europe 2020 strategy.”

Juris Lavrikovs


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  1. Due to the illegal enforcement of the constitution, which was democratically rejected by french, and dutch citizens and then by the irish before their governments forced it through with no mandate, just as bliar, and broon did in the UK. We are now governed by a bunch of unelected failed politicians, and political lightweigts with no mandate from the people, and who act without any mandate from anyone other than themselves. The total lack of democracy that is the stable of the corruption ridden eussr, has left us no better off as citizens than those in other countries such as china, and north korea. It also means that our taxes are far to high which holds the country back, after all why should British jobs be lost to foreigners because foreigners say they should, and why should we lose £billions every year to the economic black hole of the eussr, and supporting foreign countries which mean nothing to us. We have a negative trade balance with eussr countries, and our monies come from trade outside the area, and through banking, which the eussr is attempting to stael for frankfurt. The bottom line is that the whole of europe would be better off if the eussr was dismantled but as the politicians benefit from it on a personal financial level we are not likely to ever get the oporunity to leave.

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