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Regarding ‘Resounding Irish ‘yes’ to EU’s Lisbon Treaty‘:

Most politicians hailed the outcome of the second referendum on the same Lisbon Treaty. Not surprisingly, the loudest amongst them were the Brussels Eurocrats whose proliferation and revenue is further secured by the Treaty [1], [2].

Some politicians were even insolent enough to claim that the second referendum that the Irish folk were literally forced to hold is directly proportional to democracy – for example, Joseph Daul, chairman of the centre-right EPP group in the European Parliament, is quoted as having said “this decision endorses the Lisbon Treaty and secures our common future with a more democratic and efficient European Union” [3]. Irish Taoiseach Brian Cowen reportedly described the referendum outcome as a “good day for Ireland and a good day for Europe” [4].

Not to be outdone, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said “it is my firm belief that the Lisbon Treaty will make the enlarged Union more democratic” [3]. And there are many more examples – one just needs to read the news coverage on the Irish referendum from the last couple of days.

Really, I do not understand how these people can look in a mirror without spitting at the image!

So it was democratic to rename a rejected treaty (the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe) just in order to be able to adopt it without the approval of the people that will be most affected by it?!

And it was democratic when the French and Dutch voters rejected the very same texts in 2005 but not democratic when the Irish voters did the same in 2008?

And rejecting the treaty on the first referendum was not democratic but it was democratic to threaten the Irish people that they would be kicked out from the Community [5] and/or Ireland would lose its commissioner [6] if they did not hold a second referendum that would approve the Lisbon Treaty?

And, oddly enough, using brainwashing tactics, like binding the Lisbon Treaty to some imaginary improvement in the global economic environment or job market (which the Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs, pompously launched in early 2000 with the goal of “making the European Union (EU) the most competitive economy in the world and achieving full employment by 2010” [7] and even more pompously “relaunched” in 2005, could not do in the nine years of its existence), seems to be democratic enough, too…

There is only one thing that can be said in view of the above: all hail the crook democracy!

Svetoslav Apostolov


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  1. Hello Svetoslav Apostolov

    I agree entirely with your sentiment and the reasoning of your letter. A poll has just been released showing 70% of UK voters wanting the UK to leave the EU if Lisbon goes ahead. It’s clear to me that as events are currently unfolding the UK will leave and will be joined by other EU states seeking freedom (unless other Member States are happy to see their workers return from the UK and for their students to pay full study fees upto £50000 instead of £3000)

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