EurActiv - Letters to the Editor

Sir, Regarding ‘Brussels defends 5% budget increase for 2012’: Oxfam is shocked that the proposed increase in the 2012 EU budget announced by European Commissioner Lewandowski remarkably seems to include a €70 million reduction in the budget for overseas aid. We are astonished that development aid is seen as the easiest way to “reflect austerity”… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘EU to help music companies keep Elvis, Beatles royalties‘: I have often argued that attempts by the media industry to deal with digital media, especially on the Internet, are examples of people who used to game the system and now can’t, so they resort to the law to make it illegal for them… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Countries rally behind UK on EU flight data collection‘: With respect to the headline ‘Countries rally behind UK on EU flight data collection’ and the UK’s unending desire to collect data on every aspect of its (and other EU) citizens’ lives, the example was given of a drug smuggler that files into Lisbon… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Europe can make 30% emissions cuts, EU figures show‘: This article does not acknowledge that the 20% target for savings in primary energy consumption set out in the Energy Efficinecy Plan is measured against a projected consumption of 1842 Mtoe in 2020. It is not measured against current consumption, much less the baseline… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Europe can make 30% emissions cuts, EU figures show‘: The Low-carbon Economy Roadmap establishes that a cost-effective pathway would reach 25% emission reductions by 2020. There is no inconsistency in modelling itself. For the Energy Efficiency Plan, no specific modelling work was carried out on reaching the 20% efficiency target. A simple calculation… » read more

Sir, Last week’s piece ‘EU’s airline emission goals under scrutiny‘ suggested there was confusion in the media after the European Commission launched the 2050 vision for transport in Europe. I can’t account for why the media seemed confused, but it seems to us that the Commission’s vision regarding aviation seems to be realistic, pragmatic and… » read more